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Powerful, yet Affordable
Green Screen Software — it’s Fun and Easy too!


Green Screen Wizard is powerful green screen software for photographers that’s inexpensive and simple to use. It’s a self-contained chroma key removal program that does not require Photoshop or any other photo editing application to produce beautiful green screen photos. And it works on both PCs and MACs!

Green Screen Wizard uses Reality Integration!


Rather than simply overlaying pictures, Green Screen Wizard’s Reality
Integration fuses the images, making much more realistic images compared to other chroma key software.


Powerful for the Professional


Wedding Photographers love Green Screen Wizard! It can also use blue screen backgrounds, eliminating the issue with green flowers held by the bride.


Easy and Fun for the Photo

Green Screen Wizard is so simple to use, it opens up new possibilities for photo enthusiasts of all levels.



Green Screen Wizard has the software for your needs…

Green Screen Wizard Full 7.0 offers the latest in green screen software behind an amazingly simple and accessible user interface. It provides professional photographers, as well as photography enthusiasts, a simple way to do green screen removal and substitute their choice of digital background.


The new 7.0 version provides Sandwich Overlay capability, so you can put your subjects INSIDE backgrounds — great for magazine covers!


Our flagship product is the standalone Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio with Editor 7.0. With over 15,000 registered users Green Screen Wizard is a leader in the Green Screen Photo Software Business. Now with 7.0 you have an easy to use automatic green screen removal system combined with the powerful Airbrush Editor. This makes Green Screen Wizard the obvious choice for your green screen software needs.


Green Screen Wizard Pro with its Sandwich Overlays, Shadow Generators and Special Effects can provide professional photographers a platform for doing business. The Pro Version offers five layers to create amazing images and supports the sandwich overlays. It has a full annotation capability that will let you put as much text as you like on your images. With this feature you can create advertisements or your own magazine covers. Green Screen Wizard adds some new special effects that makes creating artistic images a breeze.

Click Here to Try a Free Demo of Green Screen Wizard!

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