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Chroma key technology has been a common tool for this days but looking for the best software is not as simple as we think. A lot has explored and take advantage of this handy and amazing technology. This imaging technique, however, could not be maximized because the users lacked technical understanding of how it works. There are a lot of problems encountered that can only be discovered only on the output. Most common dilemmas are actually attributed to lighting of backdrop and some spill reflected on the foreground subject. This dilemmas are actually very easy to solve. In addressing light problems, you should just put in mind always to make the lighting even that no shadows are seen. Correct position of light source, which should either on the side or on the back, will solve the problem. Of course, green or blue screens are the best backgrounds that you may use. On the other hand, your subject must be lit separately. Its light should not be the same as that you are using for your background. Your background should have a softer light to achieve best results. Lighting your subject to any color or whatever lighting effects, except the color you used on your backdrop, will be alright. Take note that the bigger the subject on the screen the better for chroma keying. By following the aforesaid suggestions, you avoid the blue/green fringe on the object or the subject and the most basic chroma key software available will produce wonderful results. One of the best chroma key software I have used until now is that of green screen wizard.

UPDATED! Green Screen Wizard Full Version 7.0 offers the latest in green and BLUE screen software power and control behind an amazingly simple and accessible user interface. This chroma key software provides professional photographers, as well as photography enthusiasts, a simple way to do green screen removal and substitutes their choice of digital background. Green Screen Wizard is a self-contained chroma key removal program that does not require Photoshop or other photo editing application to produce beautiful green screen photos. Learn more now and try a free demo version!

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  • Chrisline ADAMS:

    I have Chroma Key 6 pro. The problem i am experiancing is you can see the background through the Foreground picture. I don’t know what adjustment I need to make. Can you please help me?

    • Braddy Racho:

      I am not familiar with Chroma Key 6 pro..I am using one that you can find here. This software is very easy to use. Try it!

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