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Silhouettes are a special case when shooting into the sun and, provided that your subject has an obvious profile and hides the sun, you have the makings of an arresting image.

 The high contrast from back lighting is exactly what you want if you wish to create a silhouette image. To work well, this kind of photography depends on the shape of the subject and on the co-ordination of two principal tones: black, and the light background. One of the key conditions is that the outline of the subject is strong, clear, and recognizable, which is not always easy to arrange, as the subject also needs to be positioned between you and the sun.

 Exposure in this circumstance can be tricky, for a number of different reasons. Silhouettes taken directly into the sun normally hide the image of the sun itself. In a clear sky, the brightness around the sun is highly localized, so that severe underexposure, particularly with a wide-angle lens, will make the sky quite dark towards the edges of the frame. This will lose any silhouette outline away from the center. If the silhouette is small in the frame, and you use a telephoto or macro lens, you can outline an object against the sun’s disk itself.

 The other type of silhouette is where the image is taken against the sun’s reflection, usually in water, One advantage with this is that, unless the water is perfectly calm and flat, it will have a slight diffusing effect on the sunlight. Instead of their being a concentrated patch of brightness, the backgrounds will appear to be larger and more even.

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