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postheadericon Green Screen Wizard 6.0 with the Airbrush Editor for Windows

Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor is a self-contained chroma key removal program that does not require Photoshop or any other photo editing applications to produce beautiful green screen photos. With a major upgrade released a couple weeks ago, Green Screen Wizard Pro 6.0 now offers professional photographers and hobbysts with the most powerful chroma key software available today.

The new Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor is intended for those who demand the greatest flexibility in green screen photography. With its Sandwich Overlays, Shadow Generators and Special Effects it provides professional photographers an invaluable platform for doing business. Now with five layers to create amazing images using overlays, the software has full annotation capability that will allow unlimited text additions to images. With this feature you can create advertisements or your own magazine covers.

The Green Screen Wizard Airbrush Editor is the next step in the evolution of green screen software. In the past, clever algorithms had two jobs, first to determine if a color in the image was part of the foreground or part of the background. The second job was to act on the color to remove it, blend it with the background or just change its color. Both actions required a lot of guesswork on the part of the algorithm.

With the Green Screen Wizard Airbrush Editor you can use brushes to give the algorithm more information about the image and what part of the image needs to be changed. For example you can use a brush to erase areas of the screen that has shadows on it. If someone is holding green flowers or has on a green shirt you can use the Editor to restore the green color. The most amazing brush in the Editor is the hair brush. With this brush you can tell the algorithm the exact hair color you’re looking for and it will attempt to process any green areas that might possibly contain the selected hair color. This results in the very best hair restoration possible.


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