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Mains-powered flash units offer the ultimate lighting control: a full range of light fittings and no problems with moving subjects. The real limitation of on-camera flash is that its full-frontal direction and harsh quality are rarely flattering-probably the last thing you would choose if you had control. The limitations of tungsten lighting are that it does not combine with daylight easily and that the great heat output limits the fittings you can attach. For the extra effort of planning and setting up lights, you can achieve a much wider range of effects with powerful, separately triggered flash heads. There are two kinds: high-output portable flash powered by rechargeable batteries; and mains-powered flash, which is normally used in studios. Both can be used with a variety of fittings, and it is these-the diffusers, reflectors, and spots-that control the quality of the light.

Lighting in a controlled environment is the essence of studio shooting, and digital cameras take this to another level of ease and convenience. Many models, and particularly prosumer ones, allow the camera to be operated directly from a computer. Once the camera is locked on the tripod and the lights are in position, you can simply sit down with a laptop and shoot from the comfort of your keyboard and mouse.

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