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Bear in mind that a studio is simply a space in which you can control the lighting, and does not have to be a costly, state-of-the-art environment. Save money by building and painting your own fittings and backdrops. While professionally equipped studio can be daunting investment, it is by no means the only type. Naturally, professional photographers who shoot portraits of this highly controlled type, and do it constantly for living, can  justify the expense and upkeep. It may also be necessary for them to demonstrate their status in the industry. Clients have varied needs, and a quick change of idea or layout for a fashion shoot, for example, may require extra lighting, a different background or more space. It helps to be able to accommodate the requests within the existing studio facilities, and this makes for an inevitable redundancy, which costs more.


But if you don’t need to impress, and if you are prepared to go through a little more specific planning and preparation, all kinds of interiors can be turned into studios. The fundamental requirement is space – between the camera and subject, between subject and background, and between lights and subject.  What dimensions you actually need, rather than would simply like, depend on your preferred style of shooting and lighting.


Three things determine the length of the studio space: the lens focal length, the framing of the subject, and the separation between the subject and the background. A longer focal length gives more attractive facial proportions, but needs more distance. The further you are from the sitter, the less easy it is to maintain a rapport, and a natural compromise is a focal length between two and three times standard. In other words, an efl of 100mm or 150mm. Head-and-shoulders framing is the most common and this would typically need a throw of about two meters from camera to subject. As you’ll need a background, more often than not in the form of a seamless paper roll or the painted wall, it’s an advantage to have some distance behind the subject so that it can be lit separately and so that the person’s shadow from the main light does not fall on the background. Ideally allow at least a couple of meters. Likewise, you may explore the art of chroma keying where you use a chroma key software.

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