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postheadericon Natural Light – Morning and Afternoon

A lower sun makes life more interesting for photography. Their is more variety than with midday sun, because the sunlight interacts more with buildings, people and objects, and you can choose different camera angles to it.

For striking immediately attractive lighting, the morning and the afternoon are some of the best times of day for shooting. Instead of everything being bathed in the same light from above, there is more local interest as the sunlight strikes the sides of objects and casts less predictable shadows. The lower angle of the suns is more flattering to most subjects than that around midday. In addition, while the sun – when it is well clear of the horizon, but not really high – may lack the potential drama that it has around dawn and dusk, it still gives attractive and more reliable lighting. The color is nearer a neutral white and, if find a long run of orange and red-hued images exaggerated, it is more straightforward. If a true color rendering is important, shoot when the sun is at least an hour or two away from the horizon.

Make full use of the sun’s lower angle by choosing its angle to the camera: behind, in front or tone side. The visual effects are quite different, and are more accentuated when the sun is closer to the horizon. When shooting silhouettes in mid-morning and mid-afternoon you need tallish subjects for best effect. The most characteristic lighting effect at theses times is side lighting, which can be both dramatic and useful.

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