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postheadericon Sunrise and Sunset Photography

During the time in which the suns rises or set – usually no more than an hour – the light can change dramatically, revealing different picture opportunities for different lens focal lengths.


Variety and unexpected effects are the keynotes here. Whether you shoot at sunrise or sunset will probably depend on the location. You can expect the greater variety when you shoot into the sun, and few scenic locations offer a 180-degree choice of direction. Apart from the actual direction of shooting, which is obviously vital in making the photographs., the differences in lighting quality between sunrise and sunset are indistinguishable to anyone else looking at the images. During shooting, however, the times feel quite different. Fewer people are familiar with sunrise, which is a good reason in itself for shooting then – and in most locations you’ll find few people around at that time.


For dawn photography, you need to be in position at first sight. That means that you should make a recce the day before as you’ll have to travel there in the dark. The shooting experience is rather different from that at  sunset-as the light increases, the possibilities of the view reveal themselves slowly. However, because the eye is already well adapted to the darkness, you’ll find that the light levels appear much higher than they really are. If there is any movement int he scene that needs a reasonable shutter speed, you may have to wait longer than you expect in order to be able to shoot.


If you are in the habit of shooting with the white balance set to Auto, this will over-compensate for the warmer colors from a low sun, and can produce a disappointing lack of richness to the image. The daylight setting, which is balanced for 5400-5500K, will give a truer rendering of the color.

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